The Impatient Gardener: Bang! Kapow! It's a punch list

04 January 2011

Bang! Kapow! It's a punch list

We are actually to the punch list stage of the project. Can you believe it? There are a lot of things hanging out there, including a "little" issue with the vanity and linen cabinet, but we're to the point where there's not much left for the general contractor to do and he asked me to get him a punch list. That's music to any renovator's ears.

So here it is:


One of the items has already been crossed off. The bathroom door was installed yesterday.

Unfortunately I thought of another item that needed to be added. There are a few screw heads in the deck that aren't completely countersunk. You don't notice them until you try to shovel the deck and the shovel comes to a rather abrupt stop.

While I was in the list-making mode I made one for myself as well. I think it's probably a bad sign when your personal punch list is longer than the contractor's punch list.


Anyway, that's where we're at. As long as I can keep up the steam we'll be plodding along here, but I can't wait for spring to get back in the garden and start enjoying a finished house!

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